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With technology constantly changing, data volumes ever-increasing and consumer expectations at an all time high, having the right infrastructure has become a critical component of business agility.

As businesses strive to meet the demands of today’s on-demand consumers and adapt quickly to a changing economic landscape, it can be a struggle to modernize systems while continuing to balance budgets. The race to develop simpler and more effective IT processes continues to accelerate and businesses that neglect to focus on optimizing and planning for the future risk falling behind.

Traditional business models are changing to an always on, on-demand mindset, a shift accommodating convenience and immediacy. As such, businesses need to upgrade their infrastructure to keep up.

To increase agility, reduce costs, maintain control, businesses need a future-ready data center partner

Recently, Product-as-a-Service business models have gained popularity, enabling enterprises to increase their revenue streams and build strong customer engagement, while simultaneously eliminating expensive capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs for buyers and transitioning to a more manageable and predictable operational expense (OPEX).

Smarter and more agile than traditional data centers, Cyxtera provides intelligently automated and deeply connected infrastructure to businesses around the world – enabling them to scale faster, meet rising consumer expectations and gain a competitive edge. We enable businesses to centralize their complete data ecosystem through a software-defined platform that offers on-demand provisioning and customization of each of the elements of a traditional data center - including storage, compute power, networking and management.

Enterprise Bare Metal as a Service

Click to provision access to world-class, high-performance servers from HPE, Nutanix, Fujitsu and NVIDIA. Scale compute power up and down according to your needs.

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Storage as a Service

We have partnered with Zadara to enable our customers to leverage a world-class enterprise storage offering, delivered as a service. Improve data access, reduce costs and limit silos while simultaneously benefiting from the convenience and flexibility of Zadara’s pay-as-you-go, fully-managed cloud model.

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AI/ML Compute as a Service

With the rapid deployment and accelerated ROI businesses expect from cloud models and the ability to deliver exceptional performance at scale, Cyxtera’s AI/ML as a Service offering, powered by NVIDIA DGX A100 represents a new standard for managing AI workloads.

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Why Cyxtera: Offering the Speed, Scale and Agility Your Digital Business Needs

Big Enough to Rely On, Small Enough to Care

We may be a global leader in the colocation space with a presence in 29 markets, but we're still not the biggest player in the game, which means we work that much harder to win your business. We offer our customers not only world-class performance, security and reliability, but also, a true partnership that includes flexible, customized solutions designed to meet their needs.

Future-Ready and Designed for Scale

We built our API-driven, carrier-neutral platform from the ground up with the goal of becoming the most future-ready, extensible data center company in the world. If you want to avoid the costs and complexity of constant migration and benefit from pricing that allows you to easily scale up and down, our customers tell us Cyxtera is the way to go.

Business Agility, Delivered

We don’t believe in locking our customers into rigid contracts or large capital expenditures. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We aim to increase customer agility through intelligent automation that allows for instant provisioning, enables robust remote monitoring and control, reduces operational costs, and makes interconnectivity a breeze enhancing network security, reliability and performance.


Cyxtera Benefits

  • Global footprint, 62 data centers in 29 markets
  • Robust interconnection services with rapid, low-latency, direct connections
  • Thriving partner network of network, compute and storage technology providers
  • Future-ready, intelligently automated platform built from the ground up
  • Software-powered, on-demand provisioning through a self-service platform enables customers to scale up and down as needed and manage their data center from anywhere

Future Proof your Hybrid IT

Looking to delight your customers and gain a competitive edge? We would love to help.

On-Demand Infrastructure

Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal Platform offers the security, control and performance of dedicated infrastructure in an on-demand, OpEx model. React quickly to changing business needs with a customizable platform that is designed to meet a broad range of workload requirements. With access to limitless computing power on-demand, you now have a cost-effective way to instantly power even the most bandwidth-intensive business processes, such as advanced medical imaging or automated customer service, Cyxtera’s automated provisioning reduces deployment time from months to days and can lower reduce by up to 50%.

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Cyxtera offers one of the largest retail colocation footprints in the world, featuring 62 data centers in 29 markets. In addition to space and power, we offer a range of Gold Support options to manage routine remote hands services, including server reboots, telecommunications support, rack and stack, OS loads, and tape back-ups. Our tenured operations teams provide support every step of the way.

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On-demand Interconnection

As one of the largest interconnection providers, our carrier and cloud-neutral, densely connected global data centers deliver the local, global and cloud connectivity options your customers need for today’s distributed hybrid IT. Use Cyxtera’s fully automated provisioning platform and densely connected global ecosystem of network and technology service providers to build secure, direct and dynamic connections with the partners and solutions you need to scale your business.

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