CXD Compute Nodes

On-demand Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Cyxtera provides an on-demand IT infrastructure built on the CXD Compute Nodes. The Compute Nodes provide all the benefits of traditional infrastructure deployed in colocation - dedicated hardware and control of the entire stack, with no large capital outlay or long-term leases - all in an on-demand and scalable consumption model, previously only offered in the cloud.

Point – Click – Deploy

CXD Compute Nodes are pre-configured, hyperconverged infrastructure procured, configured and deployed as a service via CXD, a software powered on-demand provisioning and configuration architecture, accessible via API and web console. Select the node types that best fit your compute and storage requirements, select your hypervisor of choice from the library of supported software, and deploy. Your IT infrastructure is up and running in a single business day rather than the months typically required for traditional infrastructure design, procurement, installation and turn-up.

CXD Compute Nodes
What are CXD Compute Nodes?

Compute nodes are comprised of physical processors (cores), memory (RAM), network interfaces, and storage drives dedicated to a single customer. Multiple node configurations are available with varying number of cores, quantity of RAM, and type and number of storage drives, to tailor solutions to your needs. With CXD Compute Nodes, you maintain complete control of the entire stack and you are free to choose the architecture and hypervisor that best fit your needs.

The Benefit of Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) eliminates the traditional major step changes when scaling storage within your IT infrastructure. With traditional storage area network (SAN) architectures a storage controller is required to connect and manage a set number of drives. When the time comes to expand past the storage controller’s limited, another controller must be purchased and added to the environment. HCI takes a different approach. It combines compute, RAM, and storage in discrete blocks and then utilizes software to perform the controller function. This removes the costly and complex process of scaling storage beyond the capacity of a single controller.

Why CXD Compute Nodes?

CXD Compute Nodes speed time to market for new colocation workloads with infrastructure deployment in a single business day. Consuming IT infrastructure as a service lowers dedicated IT infrastructure cost 25-50 percent and shifts expenditures from Capex to Opex. Our on-demand software-powered platform increases your IT staff productivity with powerful remote configuration and deployment tools. This also reduces operations cost by eliminating the need for on-site staff required to rack, stack, configure, or support hardware.

Leverage CXD Computer Nodes to adapt to market and demand changes quickly by scaling capacity as needed. Avoid technology lock-in with this hypervisor agnostic hardware as a service offering.