Data Storage – Planning for Massive Growth

David Murphy • September 30, 2021 • 2 minute read

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We live in a global economy driven by data intensive transactions. Inside your home, you have dozens of goods relying on IoT technology. Need to go to the store? Hop into the car, or as it should be called, “mobile transport computing device,” then pick up the milk and eggs. You’ll probably get pinged by your grocery store app to grab a loaf of bread, too, because there’s a coupon. Data rules commerce, and it’s only going to grow. We are all driven by AI, database marketing, machine learning and more.

Are You Ready?

Taking a traditional approach to managing this proliferation of data is cost- and resource-prohibitive. Database administrators and IT leaders may look at ramping their capacity through increased infrastructure and servers, only to be met with hurdles and roadblocks. What will be the rate of expansion? How can your organization adequately budget for the peaks and plateaus of scaling data? How do you maintain security and protection against bad actors? If you’re in a regulated industry – and these days, who’s not? – how do you comply with the rules as your business grows and your data expands?

When Your Data Storage Needs Will Surge

Growth rarely happens in a linear fashion. There are surges tied to new product launches, adjustments in customer data management, business seasonality, and other factors. Your growth will require you to act with flexibility and agility as these new opportunities expand. It’s hard to make predictions, but you know it is coming. The best strategy is to deploy agile solutions that meet your needs as they expand.

Across Cyxtera’s thousands of customers, we’ve seen businesses adopt Storage-as-a-Service as a key enabler to growth. In all cases, speed to market was accelerated by organizations moving to an on-demand model. No need to procure, install, test and deploy storage servers. Zadara offers exceptional OpEx storage solutions that protects against costly tech refreshes in the future. Their technology-advanced approach allows you to optimize your growth and spend over time, all with more ease and less headaches.

Learn more about our partnership with Zadara in their recent press release. Zadara’s Edge Cloud Services Platform simplifies operational complexity through automated end-to-end infrastructure provisioning of compute, storage and networking resources. We’ll be featuring them in an upcoming customer webinar on how enterprises can optimize their hybrid IT strategy with our digital exchange technology.

Keep an eye out for more discussions about our XaaS solutions, including Zadara.

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David Murphy

Director, Channel & Partner Marketing