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Manuel Medina • May 02, 2017 • 2 minute read

Colocation in Business

It’s my great pleasure to blog for the first time as CEO of Cyxtera Technologies. Today, we officially bring together a global data center footprint and colocation business acquired from CenturyLink with a modern, hybrid and cloud-ready security portfolio from four innovative companies – Cryptzone, Brainspace, Catbird and Easy Solutions – and launch our new company, closing the transaction we announced late last year. We’ve been looking forward to this day since November, and I couldn’t be more excited to launch our new venture.

It’s an extraordinary time for our industry. The last two decades have brought great change to enterprise IT with revolutions of availability, agility and scalability, and the next era must be founded on a similar transformation in cybersecurity, to ensure the way in which we protect our critical business systems is as responsive, agile and resilient as our infrastructure and applications have become.

Our vision is to deliver a secure, integrated platform built for today’s IT, providing a unified cybersecurity and analytics portfolio from a global data center platform capable of underpinning dedicated infrastructure, private clouds and public clouds, both within our data centers and beyond. Our mission is to provide enterprises, service providers and government agencies a truly integrated platform for today’s hybrid IT that is as secure as it is agile, and as resilient as it is dynamic and scalable.

It’s an exciting time to launch a new technology company, particularly one born at the confluence of two seismic revolutions – the transformation of enterprise IT to a hybrid, distributed model and the consequent ramifications for how we more effectively secure our infrastructure and applications. I’m proud to be able to say that we’ve put together a truly world-class team. It’s great to be back with some old friends and colleagues from Terremark – I feel like the Blues Brothers putting the band back together. And it’s equally exciting to welcome new friends, with the teams from the five businesses we bring together today joined by a roster of some of the best and brightest from the internet infrastructure and cybersecurity sectors.

To our existing customers, partners and vendors: you have my commitment that we will deliver a truly world-class portfolio of software and services. To those we’re meeting for the first time: we look forward to doing business with you. Thanks for joining us on the journey — we can’t wait to get started.


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Manuel Medina Executive Chairman

Manuel Medina

Executive Chairman