Written by David Murphy on November 17, 2019

451 Research Interconnection Series: How Many Public Cloud Vendors Does the Typical Enterprise Use?

How many public cloud providers do enterprises use? 451 Research and Cyxtera discuss. 

Wondering what your enterprise peers are doing for cloud and hybrid IT connectivity? We hosted a Q&A session with 451 Research, Senior Analyst of Data Center Networking, Craig Matsumoto, to get an understanding of why the network is under pressure and how to gain connectivity with more flexibility and cost-efficiency.

One topic discussed was how many public cloud providers enterprises use. According to 451 Research, 72% are using more than one public cloud vendor. But during our discussion, Craig ventured a guess that organizations may not even know how many public cloud vendors they have due to IT sprawl. Craig believes that the percentage of businesses using more than three public cloud vendors will continue to increase over time. Listen to what Craig had to say.

You can listen to the full Q&A session on interconnection priorities for hybrid IT.