451 Research Interconnection Series: What are Some Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Use Cases?

David Murphy • November 17, 2019 • 1 minute read

Hybrid IT, Connectivity in Data Centers

What are the Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Use Cases? 451 Research and Cyxtera discuss.

Hybrid and multi-cloud is the future for most enterprises. As you investigate your strategy, it’s best to focus on the use cases that make the most sense. That may include enabling workloads to migrate between on-premises and public cloud environments or to use off-site locations for backup/disaster recovery or business continuity for example.

This was a topic we discussed in a Q&A session on Interconnection Priorities for Hybrid IT with 451 Research, Senior Analyst of Data Center Networking, Craig Matsumoto. Watch Craig as he discusses.

You can listen to the full Q&A session on interconnection priorities for hybrid IT.

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David Murphy

Director, Channel & Partner Marketing