CXD Demo: How to Provision Interconnection and Infrastructure On-demand

David Hess • June 26, 2019 • 1 minute read

Colocation, Connectivity in Data Centers

Over the last few months, I’ve blogged in a series, “The Making of the Cyxtera Extensible Datacenter”, on why we needed to modernize colocation, including automating connectivity, and the benefits of dedicated infrastructure delivered in an on-demand consumption model.

In my final post of the series, we show how customers can access these benefits using the CXD Command Center.

The CXD Command Center is the customer interface into CXD. It allows customers to provision and manage CXD services, either visually through the user interface or via automation using the REST APIs.

As of the publishing of this article, CXD is deployed in data centers in Europe and North America and all CXD services can be managed in the Command Center regardless of the location.

Rather than write about the capabilities or use screenshots, watch the short demo of the portal.

All current Cyxtera customers can request your CXD Command Center orientation by following this link.

Not a CXD customer yet? Learn more by requesting a personalized demo.

I hope you've enjoyed this series on CXD, and I look forward to providing updates in the future as we roll out new capabilities and locations.

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David Hess

Director, Product Engineering & Integration