Cyxtera: Bringing Innovation to Life

Cyxtera Technologies • March 22, 2022 • 3 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation, Marketplace in Data Centers

With International Data Center Day on March 23, it’s a good time to reflect not only on the important role data centers play in our daily lives but to look ahead and consider how they have positioned us for future technological breakthroughs that could lead to everything from advancements in healthcare and environmental sciences to exciting new ways to watch cat videos.

Digital infrastructure, which encompasses data centers and the material they house, is the foundation for modern innovation. Today’s lightning-fast pace of development would not be possible were it not for data centers. They are the unsung heroes of the modern world. You need look no further than two years ago, when the world’s office workers packed up and went home to unconventional offices and an uncertain future.

Our ability to work from home, send medical charts to a doctor half-way across the country, and share a presentation with classmates in real-time are all made possible thanks to data centers. Want to share the latest TikTok video, put in your InstaCart order, or enjoy marathon sessions on your favorite streaming service? Data centers to the rescue.

Think of the data center as a modern-day version of an ancient souk, where people from all walks of life came together to trade goods, services, and equally important – information. Today, data centers not only serve as repositories for companies’ most precious assets but provide a place for the exchange of services and allow us to go about our daily lives without giving our ability to book a hotel room over our phone a second thought.

Data centers aren’t new, but like the companies they serve, they are having to innovate their offerings to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement. Four years ago, the team behind Cyxtera realized that the future lay in the ability to deliver a secure, integrated platform built for hybrid IT. We set out to build a global data center platform that would provide enterprises with the interconnectivity and digital infrastructure they need to access and manage their environments in both private and public clouds.

As part of that vision, we established the Cyxtera Marketplace, an interconnected ecosystem that enables hybrid architectures for the modern enterprise, and today, Cyxtera continues to bring offerings to market that serve as catalysts for innovation and provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. In the past year, Cyxtera launched SmartCabs, which leverages our Digital Exchange to provide colocation cabinets with the speed and scale of the cloud without sacrificing the performance and security of dedicated infrastructure; deepened its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship through a collaboration with NVIDIA and a new program, NVIDIA Inception; and debuted the Nutanix Federal Innovation Lab, powered by Cyxtera, providing access to an ecosystem of innovative technology companies to support the most complex government workload requirements.

Our mission to provide deeply connected and intelligently automated infrastructure to businesses around the world, enabling them to scale faster, meet rising consumer expectations and gain a competitive edge, is central to everything we do. With more than 61 data centers in 28 markets, we are a global leader in the retail colocation space. Our customers are our partners and so we provide them with flexible, customized solutions designed to meet their needs and, in turn, those of their customers and end users.

We believe in harnessing our people, products, and culture of innovation to leave the world better than how we found it. The world is changing, and we want to ensure our customers are set up with the tools and solutions they need to bring their innovations to fruition. To learn more about how we are bringing innovation to life, visit the

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