Enterprises Need Flexibility and Consistent Service Experience When Scaling Data Center Services Globally

Mitch Fonseca • September 25, 2019 • 1 minute read

Colocation in Data Centers

How can data center providers help companies support global scale and multi-national expansion? Cyxtera answers.

Enterprises operating across many geographies and requiring global scale are turning to data centers to meet data sovereignty requirements and growing capacity demands. A consistent customer service experience and flexibility are key criteria in their selection of a data center provider to meet their expansion needs.

Cyxtera is committed to delivering a consistent service experience to our customers with such capabilities as single contracts and a self-service portal for administration, billing and support across our global footprint. Portability of contracts across locations and our service portfolio as well as the ability to point, click and provision interconnection and infrastructure in a consumption-based model, offer flexibility to adapt to enterprises changing needs.

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Mitch Fonseca Chief Operating Officer, Cyxtera

Mitch Fonseca

Chief Operating Officer, Cyxtera