Ormuco joins Cyxtera Ecosystem; offering Edge Computing Platform in Key Markets

Cyxtera Technologies • February 27, 2020 • 2 minute read

Connectivity, Marketplace in Data Centers

The Cyxtera data center ecosystem portfolio has grown significantly over the past 12 months. We now have 62 global data centers distributed across Tier 1 and edge markets. Customers are using colocation services, a rich portfolio of interconnection options, and our Enterprise Bare Metal platform, leveraging our CXD software-programmable network for cloud-like consumption and provisioning. We connect to 600 networks and 140 network providers across this global footprint, offering highly dense and diverse network services and access to a growing marketplace.

We’re pleased to welcome Ormuco to our ecosystem. Ormuco’s unique edge computing platform allows customers to run containers, Kubernetes, VMs, databases and more, as a service and per hour, on bare metal servers deployed in Cyxtera Data Centers.

Founded in 2008, Ormuco’s mission is to be a leader in the deployment of edge computing as the preferred solution for data processing. The company enables the delivery of real-time solutions based on innovative technologies such as AI and machine learning to businesses and users worldwide. With headquarters in Montreal, the company employs over 50 employees and serves industries across diverse sectors such as media and entertainment, energy, mining, technology, retail, education, banking, construction, utilities, and healthcare.

Ormuco’s Edge PaaS allows customers to move any workload closer to its users by dynamically deploying applications on the closest location for data processing (based on latency). With its elegant API software, customers can move traffic from cloud service providers automatically, and on their terms.

Customers can enable Layer 2 virtual cross connects in real time in our Chicago, DC Metro, Dallas, and London markets. This provides instant access to Ormuco’s patented edge computing capabilities using Cyxtera's CXD platform.

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