The New Enterprise Bare Metal

Cyxtera Technologies • June 16, 2020 • 2 minute read

Enterprise Bare Metal, Colocation in Data Centers

It’s happening to enterprises everywhere, every day. Unpredictable changes in their industries are forcing organizations to extend their infrastructure to meet new demands and align with business outcomes with digital transformation initiatives in the era of could first and cloud smart. And while the push to cloud has been intense, the workloads they need to support require a higher level of control, cost predictability, performance, and security than what public cloud environments provide, and the 90-120 days it would take to order and traditionally acquire and provision the hardware and supporting infrastructure needed to stand up a private cloud isn’t a viable option. Enter Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal platform.

Enterprise Bare Metal provides an ideal solution for companies that require the security, control, cost predictability, and performance of dedicated infrastructure in an on-demand model. Cyxtera’s innovative platform allows enterprises to seamlessly extend their existing colo environment or rapidly expand into new markets without the burden of capital expenditure or local staffing via our extensible data center platform. A critical element in our ability to deliver on such high levels of financial and operational flexibility is our partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

We’re excited to announce that Cyxtera is standardizing the catalog of compute servers for its Enterprise Bare Metal platform on HPE ProLiant infrastructure. The platform offers multiple configurations with varying number of cores, quantity of RAM, and type and number of storage drives, and provides customers with direct access to the HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) capability. Cyxtera is proud to also announce that we’ve been added to HPE’s Partner Ready Service Provider program and as a member of HPE’s Cloud28+ community.

“HPE is happy to welcome Cyxtera into its certified Service Provider program,” said Xavier Poisson, Vice President, Service Providers and Cloud28+, HPE. “In today’s challenging business environment, customers are increasingly seeking Everything-as-a-Service – often at odds with their legacy data centers. Customers want the same workload experiences, regardless of location, making cloud adjacency critical. With its Enterprise Bare Metal platform and more than 60 data centers around the world, Cyxtera is well positioned to deliver high velocity, on-demand services powered by HPE.

Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal platform has available inventory of on-demand dedicated compute and storage infrastructure in availability zones across the United States and the United Kingdom. Our platform is carrier agnostic, giving organizations more flexibility and control over their connectivity.

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