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Marcie Kaplan • May 19, 2021 • 3 minute read

Enterprise Bare Metal, Colocation, Connectivity in Data Centers

Whether you’re looking to expand your present-day data center operations or future proof your business, our premier data centers serving the Toronto market give customers a competitive edge with on-demand infrastructure and interconnection.

As Canada’s largest city and one of the 10 largest cities in North America, it’s unsurprising that Toronto serves as Canada’s business hub. It’s home to the Canadian headquarters of some of the world’s largest enterprises, including Apple, BMG Music, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and McDonald’s, and plays host to the Toronto Stock Exchange, the third largest stock exchange in the Americas.

With already thriving finance, tech, and media industry sectors, the demands on the area’s data centers are large, and now, with the country’s largest telecom providers offering 5G, the data consumption is poised for exponential growth. For many enterprises this will mean expanding beyond their own on-prem data operations and seeking out local colo facilities. The question then becomes, where to go?

Colo in reach

Finding the right colo facility can be a challenge in itself, and for many companies, it’s further complicated by having specific auditing guidelines that mandate the data recovery site be at least 32 kilometers, sometimes more, away from production sites. As it happens, Cyxtera is the one of the only colocation providers serving the Toronto market that has two premier data center campuses meeting those distance requirements, meaning companies can remain with their preferred service provider and also have close proximity to their DR site.

Whether you’re looking to expand data center operations because you need the extra compute power, require a backup facility, or are looking to create redundancy, our two data centers serving Toronto fit the bill. Connected via metro ring, both locations offer a wide range of secure infrastructure solutions to meet the mission-critical needs of today’s businesses, as well as numerous compliance certifications (including Tier III) and a full gamut of fiber and network providers, including Zayo and Megaport (available at YY22).

The future is on-demand

Nothing worth having is ever simple and that goes double when looking for colo space that not only meets a company’s present-day needs but that offers growing enterprises room to future proof their businesses.

Both our Mississauga and Markham facilities are NVIDIA DGX ready certified, meaning even the heaviest of AI workloads can be deployed with agility and speed. Powered by NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, our AI/ML Compute as a Service solution eliminates the need for large capital expenditures and over provisioning. This subscription-based model means companies can choose from a rich ecosystems of service providers while managing costs as operational expenses.

As DGX-ready facilities, our campuses are tailor-made for companies that prefer to build out their own infrastructure rather than work under a consumption model — proof positive that future-proofing doesn’t have to involve burdensome CapEx. And because access is managed by NVIDIA DGX systems via our portal, companies can experience the best of both worlds — the security and control of single-tenant dedicated infrastructure combined with the flexibility and agility of cloud.

For companies looking to extend their existing colocation infrastructure and create extensible hybrid environments, our Enterprise Bare Metal offering is now available at both campuses. The Enterprise Bare Metal Platform delivered via leading providers of enterprise-grade infrastructure, is well suited to companies looking to rapidly extend their digital infrastructure into a new market without large capital expenditures, lengthy implementation cycles, or the need for additional staff. Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal provides customers the security, control, and performance of dedicated colocation infrastructure in an on-demand, subscription-based model. Our innovative connectivity solutions mean hybrid IT solutions are always within reach.

Want to learn more? For additional information on our Mississauga and Markham data centers, please visit: https://www.cyxtera.com/toronto-data-centers.

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Cyxtera premier data centers serving the Toronto market give customers a competitive edge with on-demand infrastructure and interconnection.

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Marcie Kaplan Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing

Marcie Kaplan

Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing