Written by Cyxtera Technologies on August 08, 2018

Why Slow Provisioning IT Infrastructure Derails Digital Transformation

451 Research reports on why slow provisioning derails IT transformation efforts. Read the introduction by Cyxtera and download the 451 Research report.

Cloudlike agility is a dream for many organizations burdened with legacy infrastructure and skills shortages. According to 451 Research, the larger the organization, the more likely dedicated hardware deployments require days, weeks, or even months to provision. It simply takes too long.

To avoid capital outlays, and rapidly deploy and scale, enterprises often turn to the cloud. Yet despite its obvious benefits, public cloud’s shared infrastructure remains a point of contention for many due to fears about data breaches, outages or service degradation that are out of their control. Additionally, some applications just are not ready or architected properly for the cloud.

Slow provisioning for colocation

Since the start of the colocation industry in the 1990s, IT infrastructure has advanced significantly. Network bandwidth has also grown exponentially. However, apart from incremental energy efficiency improvements, the colocation service itself – space, power, cooling, and access to bandwidth – and how it’s provisioned, has changed very little in decades.

It’s time for on-demand colocation

Enterprises need access to dedicated hardware and network infrastructure that’s more cloudlike in its deployment and consumption model.

It’s time for groundbreaking innovation in data center colocation that overcomes slow provisioning.

By leveraging software-defined colocation, the time it takes to deploy dedicated IT environments can be shortened dramatically – from three to six months down to a single day. This includes everything from hardware design and procurement, colocation space selection and build out, network provisioning, hyperconverged infrastructure and hypervisor installation.

In this new normal, all IT infrastructure costs are OpEx instead of CapEx, helping to eliminate the complexities of procurement, logistics, and capital equipment management. Organizations can take advantage of on-demand deployment and consumption, speed time to market and run “headless” data center operations while avoiding the risks and loss of control associated with public cloud platforms. Finally, on-demand colocation eliminates the need for organizations to over-purchase capacity for peak-loads, so you don’t have to pay for expensive unused infrastructure.

With the Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) platform, dedicated infrastructure is on-demand, elastic and software powered. Slow provisioning will no longer derail your IT transformation. Instead, you can rethink what’s possible in your hybrid IT strategy with colocation at the speed of cloud.

Download a copy of the 451 Research Slow provisioning derails IT transformation efforts to understand why the impetus is on IT managers to grant control of infrastructure management to technology.