Defending Government Agency Data - Adding KELYN BaaS to the Cyxtera Ecosystem

Cyxtera Technologies • December 09, 2021 • 3 minute read

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It’s rare, these days, to find topics garnering support on a bipartisan level in Washington, D.C. Finding a common, universally accepted threat has created that important unified front. The threats are found in the secret enclaves of rooms manned by cyber-attack experts targeting our data and security. They have their sights set on federal agencies and those organizations supporting government entities. Their nefarious missions are to take hold of critical data through ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Now, more than ever, government agencies have the support and access to defensive strategies that may deter these attackers.

As published in The Hill, recent new legislation was introduced to help the Federal Government identify and further protect certain critical groups from cyberattacks. The Securing Systemically Important Critical Infrastructure Act would authorize the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to establish a process to designate groups as Systemically Important Critical Infrastructure (SICI).

We’ve all seen how ransomware attacks have crippled the Colonial Pipeline and meat producer JBS USA. Those efforts to interrupt supply chains resulted in costly corrective measures. Another one we will never forget is the SolarWinds attack in late 2020 where Russian government hackers targeted their sights on several US Federal Agencies.

How Can Federal Agencies Defend Their Data?

Helpful guidance comes directly from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) protecting sensitive and personal information from ransomware-caused data breaches.

The CISA cites the number one method to prevent ransomware attacks is to “maintain offline, encrypted backups of data and regularly test your backups.” The agency stresses the importance of backups being maintained offline to protect against aggressive ransomware activities.

How Can Cyxtera Help?

Cyxtera is at the forefront of building The Global Data Center Platform, purpose-built for government customers. Starting with the critical requirements of managing highly reliable and critical data, Cyxtera has raised the level of sophistication inside the data center on-demand access to Enterprise Bare Metal and Everything-as-a-Service solutions offered through our digital exchange fabric.

We are also continuing to add solution providers into our ecosystem who provide essential, relevant and timely solutions for our customers.

We’re excited to welcome KELYN Technologies, our newest Ecosystem Partner, to our Cyxtera Marketplace and into our Ecosystem Partner Program. For over six years, KELYN has been a trusted BaaS (Back-up as a Service) Provider to a large footprint of Government Agencies. KELYN managed over 15PB of sensitive data for US government agencies. Their OpEx solution allows customers to manage their BaaS program on a subscription-based model, adjusting their spend based on demand.

In addition to backup, disaster recovery and COOP services, KELYN’s trusted team provides ransomware and anomaly detection to minimize data risks. Additional features include:

  • FIPS 140-2 Encryption
  • Broad Virtualization and Containerization Support
  • Single instance for Cloud and On-prem
  • Broad Application Support (including Microsoft O365 and M365)
  • Highly Scalable in the Petabytes and beyond

KELYN, a Woman Owned Small Business, shares our focus on providing exceptional customer service for all of Infrastructure as a Service, Backup as a Service and Storage as a Service offerings. To learn more about how KELYN can protect your business, check them out in the Cyxtera Marketplace.

Our federal team remains deeply committed to providing flexibility and optionality to agencies and ensuring we’re committed to finding the best solutions to for their needs. We are continually expanding on our level of support and have achieved the FedRAMP Ready Status at the High Impact level enabling federal agencies to deploy secure, private infrastructure in our data centers with the speed and flexibility of cloud. We won’t stop there. Cyxtera is pursuing more technologies to help you secure your data, comply with government requirements, and help you drive our great nation forward.

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