Interconnection and the Enterprise

Damion Lackamp • June 22, 2020 • 2 minute read

Hybrid IT, Colocation, Connectivity in Interconnection

In today’s challenging and complex climate, Hybrid IT is more important than ever. As enterprises rely on distributed, diverse, connected Hybrid IT to quickly expand public and private cloud resources, access connectivity zones, or deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), they soon realize their network is under pressure. The result is an unprecedented demand for mission-critical, secure, direct access to cloud and SaaS platforms.

Craig Matsumoto, Senior Analyst, Data Center Networking at 451 Research, recently examined the interconnect industry in the report, Interconnection and the Enterprise: How Colocation and Direct Cloud Connectivity Can Fortify Hybrid IT. His goal was to help enterprises and investors understand how interconnection is evolving, particularly when it comes to providing direct, private connectivity to clouds and SaaS providers. Interconnection is constantly changing while becoming increasingly important in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. The problem we’re seeing is that many enterprises are not aware of all their cloud connectivity options. Historically, colocation data centers have not operated in a cloud-like point, click, and provision model. But now IT professionals need cloud connectivity and data center networking fabric that work like the cloud to deliver on-demand consumption and near real-time configuration and deployment. Traditional carrier networks can take weeks or months to provision, while cross connects in a data center typically take 24 to 48 hours to be installed. Time to provision no longer has to be an issue.

Cyxtera eliminates this hassle by offering “speed of cloud” power and provisioning, scalable interconnection, and access to a marketplace of valuable providers. Our diverse ecosystem includes 120+ network service providers and direct connections to leading public and private clouds. In addition, enterprises can quickly and easily engage with a broad range of business partners, content providers, and healthcare and financial exchanges. The Cyxtera Marketplace enables enterprises to quickly connect with and stand up new services, including secure, direct paths between platforms to increase performance and reduce latency.

Learn more about how Cyxtera can help. To download a copy of the 451 report, visit You can also catch up with our recent Q&A with 451 Research’s Craig Matsumoto, as we discuss trends impacting how enterprises address the growing demand for cloud and hybrid IT connectivity with more flexibility and cost-efficiency -

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Damion Lackamp

Vice President, Product Management - Colocation & Interconnection