NetAbstraction's SDN Privacy-as-a-Service now integrated into Cyxtera Platform

Cyxtera Technologies • February 04, 2020 • 2 minute read

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The Cyxtera data center ecosystem portfolio has grown significantly over the past 12 months. We now have 60 global data centers distributed across tier 1 and edge markets. Customers can consume local traditional data center services, HCI, and bare metal as a service, leveraging our CXD software-programmable network for cloud-like consumption and provisioning. We also connect to 600 networks and 140 network providers across this global footprint, offering highly dense and diverse network services.

We are pleased to welcome NetAbstraction, our newest ecosystem partner and CXD participant, to this community. As part of this partnership, NetAbstraction’s unique carrier-class security/privacy network overlay has been integrated into our CXD platform. Customers can turn on real time Layer 2 virtual cross connects in our New York/New Jersey market, encompassing five data centers. This provides instant access to NetAbstraction’s patented unique security and privacy capabilities.

The NetAbstraction PPN, or Proactive Privacy Network, protects your identity and provides additional security for your communications on the internet and in the cloud. The pathways accessing data are altered making it extremely difficult for attackers to locate the desired data. This design obscures and varies network pathways while protecting customer identity and systems via SDN virtualization across multiple providers.

Key benefits you can gain from leveraging NetAbstraction include the ability to:

  • Augment or replace existing MPLS and dedicated circuit connections
  • Disguise organizational resources and communicate with non-traceable connectivity
  • Dynamically provision secure network connections on a global basis
  • Offload MPLS and dedicated circuit bandwidth
  • Increase privacy and security for your SD-WAN adoption strategy
  • Enable low latency performance and carrier-class speed with patented intelligent routing decisions
  • Significantly reduce WAN costs by leveraging cost effective internet based transport
  • Disguise, reduce and shift your organization’s attack surface before you become a target with Privacy Protection and Network Security
  • Provision new network connectivity in minutes with seamless integration to existing technology and security stacks

To learn more about our ecosystem, check out our marketplace.

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