New DWDM Fabric Interconnecting Seven Markets to LA’s One Wilshire

Cyxtera Technologies • April 02, 2020 • 2 minute read

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The Cyxtera data center ecosystem portfolio has grown significantly over the past 12 months. We now have 62 global data centers distributed across tier 1 and edge markets. Customers can consume local traditional data center services, HCI, and bare metal as a service, leveraging our CXD software-programmable platform for cloud-like consumption and provisioning. We also connect to 600 networks and 140 network providers across this global footprint, offering highly dense and diverse connectivity services.

Cyxtera has recently launched Metro Connect in Los Angeles. Our own DWDM system connects our metro data centers as part of our fabric we seamlessly deliver to our data center customers in a metro ring. Los Angeles joins the growing family of Cyxtera data centers offering diverse routes and paths to mitigate any single point of failure between our sites in Chicago, London, Phoenix, New York/ New Jersey, Silicon Valley and DC. Customers can consume 10 gigs or 100 gigs, in a protected or un-protected design as part of their network strategy.

We have also recently enabled connectivity from our Los Angeles data centers to One Wilshire, so customers can connect to IX fabrics and other peering sessions seamlessly. Customers can now order secure encrypted wavelengths from Cyxtera Data Centers to the most highly connected internet point in the Western United States to pick up additional sessions that are exclusively located in that facility.

We run our own Coriant/Infinera DWDM system that is backed by a 99.999% SLA and we monitor the network 24/7. We also deliver our services securely by encrypting your data at the line card leveraging AES 256.

You can get more information on Metro Connect here at

For customers that want to connect inter-data center connectivity via dark fiber, OWS, MPLS, SD/WAN, or layer 2 connections between our global data centers, we have strategic relationships with over 140 carriers that can provide fault tolerant network designs to meet their connectivity needs. For more information, visit the Cyxtera Marketplace.

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