Is Private Cloud Right for Your Customers?

Ben Greene • September 16, 2022 • 2 minute read

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Our channel partner growth is a powerful driver for Cyxtera. Working with partners, we have collaborated to conduct discovery sessions with end-user organizations leading to insights into the challenges that are defining the IT infrastructure landscape. A consistent message we hear is that enterprises are still struggling with the concept of hybrid and private clouds, and where they fit into their overall application deployment strategy. In a cloud-first world, what is the place of a private cloud and what are the best vectors for operation and deployment of these infrastructure services?

While many applications are primed for the global scale, agility, and fractional consumption of the hyperscale public cloud, many of our partners share their clients’ frustration about the high cost of operating within these environments. Many clients who exited the data center for the vision of a low-cost cloud experience are now facing rising infrastructure costs and looking for ways to optimize.

Private cloud options, hosted natively in an enterprise data center, provide a secure environment with reliable performance. The onset of Bare Metal as a Service solutions, like those offered by Cyxtera’s Digital Exchange, has created interesting new deployment models for private cloud solutions that hold true to the major tenants of a traditional cloud service (consumptive/operational expenditure, scalable, globally available) while still retaining the single tenancy, cost control, and security assumed in a private cloud architecture. We view Cyxtera’s offerings as cloud adjacent. There will always be workloads better suited for public cloud, and those should remain. We typically see that customers can lower their infrastructure costs and regain control of their environments by implementing private and hybrid cloud models.

During the Avant Special Forces Summit in Austin, TX on September 21, 2022, there is a panel discussion, Is Private Cloud Right for your Customers? During this session, I’ll be sharing some of the eye-opening, innovative approaches Cyxtera and our partners have taken to provide private cloud solutions. I’ll reference some real-world examples such as how we built a private cloud stack with HPE and Nutanix for one end-user for them to run synchronous replication across their environments across two data centers, managed by Cyxtera’s Digital Exchange. They are fully automated, so if disaster strikes, they can connect via our Metro Connect offering to a remote data center. They also connect seamlessly to their workloads in public cloud from their deployment.

Is private cloud right for your customers? Let’s talk about your situation and how we can work together to get the best answer.

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Ben Greene

Vice President, Product Management - Digital Exchange