The Importance of Being Connected

Cyxtera Technologies • July 12, 2022 • 3 minute read

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Whether personal or professional, social or emotional, the concept (and reality) of connection has played a powerful role in society, largely unchanged since the dawn of man. 2020 ushered in a new era of how we communicate, making remote work the new normal, and radically altering the way the global workforce connects now and in the future.

As companies have expanded from corner shops to global conglomerates and employees have gone from corporate offices to home offices, the need to be and stay connected has become not so much a nice-to-have but a requirement.

The great cloud trade-off

For many years, the public internet served as the solution to our business connectivity problems. It provides companies with the speed, agility, and practically unlimited scalability they need to carry out and grow their business. But it’s not necessarily the right choice for every company or every workload — especially at scale.

Public cloud comes with trade-offs in the form of limited control and security, and often higher costs. Data-intensive use cases can cause cloud fees to balloon, especially as “egress” fees (the cost to use data stored in public clouds) grow. What’s more, not all applications and programs work well in the cloud, and many companies don’t see the cloud as optimal for mission-critical data or disaster recovery initiatives, where they want to combine with dedicated single-tenant workloads.

In response, many enterprises are adopting hybrid strategies, which let them benefit from the public cloud while still hosting sensitive or business-critical systems on-premise. But even hybrid presents its own set of challenges, namely the complexities and added costs that surround distributed architecture. Enter interconnectivity. Cyxtera’s fast networks, high-performance connections, and efficient, multi-network cloud-connect solutions let enterprises scale their digital business and reap the benefits of a hybrid strategy.

By providing direct connectivity to internet-backbone networks and major cloud providers, Cyxtera cuts out the volatility of the public internet and enables enterprises to reduce network costs, increase bandwidth, and improve network performance and reliability.

Secure, direct, dynamic

As a leader in colocation, Cyxtera is well versed in the importance of interconnection. We make it fast and easy to establish secure, direct, and dynamic connections to suppliers, partners, and customers. Interconnectivity offers a wealth of benefits, among them the ability to:

  • Slash “hidden” cloud costs. Save up to 7x on cloud egress costs by establishing direct connections to cloud providers via Cyxtera Cloud Connect.
  • Experience faster time to market. Establish new connections to service providers and partners on-demand, allowing your business to quickly make changes as business needs shift.
  • Consumption-based billing. Scale bandwidth up as needed and avoid capital intensive commitments with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Connect direct

With Cyxtera, enterprises can save costs and put workloads where they fit best and then interconnect seamlessly to the cloud to facilitate secure, high-speed data transfer while saving on data egress fees. Colocation (which limits egress fees) becomes even more attractive as networking goes cloud native, joining computing and storage in becoming more agile and seamless to the end user. Cyxtera’s Cloud Connect solution, for example, is a nod to this industry shift, making it even easier for customers to connect directly to cloud providers with even lower costs, less complex start-up and a single contract.

With Cyxtera, you can leverage the flexibility of both physical and digital connectivity. Visit to learn how you can take advantage of our suite of native interconnection services.

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The Importance of Being Connected

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