With Evolution of Interconnection Offerings Providing Native Connectivity to Leading Public Clouds, Cyxtera Takes It to 11

Cyxtera Technologies • April 21, 2022 • 3 minute read

Connectivity in Interconnection

There is no disputing that when it comes to hybrid IT and distributed architectures, interconnectivity is king. Gone are the days when hybrid would be considered a trend, but the demand for faster innovation and growth, fueled in part by edge computing and remote work, is pushing a new trend wherein CIOs are having to make faster decisions about where to place their workloads and how to connect them.

Perhaps operating under the adage, “Just because you can, doesn't mean you should,” CIOs are realizing that not all workloads belong in the cloud – those that are inelastic and/or frequent, require higher amounts of resources, or greater levels of performance, security, control, and cost predictability, for instance, are all better suited to colocation environments. That being so, CIOs are running up against the challenge of how to achieve rapid, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity between their colo and cloud workloads and while these factors have always been important, now their importance is coming sooner and faster, if you will, re-emphasizing the importance of interconnectivity.

Less complexity with native connectivity

At Cyxtera, we take pride in our ability to solve customers' needs to connect different environments, whether between colocation and public cloud or colocation and different data locations. That’s why we expanded our interconnectivity offerings to natively extend connectivity between Cyxtera data centers and leading public clouds across our entire global platform:

  • Cyxtera Cloud Connect allows customers to reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, simplify their interconnection environment, and improve resilience. This means customers can now connect to cloud providers natively within the Customer Portal and API, powered by Digital Exchange, Cyxtera’s data center network fabric.
  • Cyxtera’s Metro-to-Metro Connect allows customers to rapidly connect workloads across geographies to create seamless, global infrastructure networks. Customers can natively establish and manage connectivity via a single-pane-of-glass within Cyxtera’s highly intuitive Customer Portal.

With the evolution of these interconnectivity offerings, we have fulfilled our vision to make it easier for customers to manage, operate, and consume colocation in the world of hybrid. By natively providing customers seamless, affordable connectivity across public cloud providers, as well as between colocation deployments across multiple markets, we are easing the burden of complexity and delivering a more elegant version of the reliable, low-latency cloud connectivity we have always offered via our partner solutions.

Innovative solutions for innovating companies

The idea of enabling innovation is woven into the fabric of our company. We know how important it is to provide a colocation experience that’s streamlined for the hybrid world. The evolution of these offerings is for every CIO who finds themselves thinking about the number and complexity of vendors and providers that they have to work with to get their hybrid IT solution function.

Data centers are normally viewed as cost centers by companies looking to advance their digital transformation. We are trying to find ways to alleviate those costs by making cloud connectivity and data center interconnectivity as easy to execute as it is for somebody to go to an online retailer and click to order and pay. Whether it's in the API or the customer portal, connectivity is now natively available for self-service, on-demand creation and management.

Visit https://www.cyxtera.com/interconnection to learn how you can take advantage of our suite of native interconnection services.

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