CXD Platform

Cyxtera Extensible Data Center

The Cyxtera Extensible Data Center platform (CXD) transforms IT infrastructure design, configuration, and deployment. CXD’s software-powered, on-demand provisioning and configuration enables you to deploy data center network connectivity and services in minutes, not weeks or months.

Point – Click – Provision

Time to provision network connectivity and services has often been the Achilles’ heel constraining colocation of new workloads or applications. With CXD, you no longer have to wait weeks or even months for circuit delivery and infrastructure installation. Readily accessible via web portal and API, CXD enables you to easily purchase and deploy network and data center services in a day or less.

Cyxtera Extensible Data Center platform

One Unified Port to Access All Services

The Cyxtera Extensible Data Center platform utilizes an intelligent software-defined network to deliver all Cyxtera data center services over a Unified Services Port. Through this single resilient dual-path (primary & fail-over) network connection you can establish secure logical layer 2 connections to all Cyxtera network and data center services. This includes connections to select ecosystem providers who have integrated their provisioning system with CXD. The Unified Services Port provides access to CXD IP ConnectCXD Compute Nodes, and Metro Connect, among other services. All CXD network services are backed by our 99.999% availability SLA, to give you the peace of mind that the network will be up and services accessible around the clock.

Why Configure and Deploy with CXD?

Cyxtera’s CXD platform delivers faster time to market for your new products and services. This helps increase revenue and lower costs. CXD gives you the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in demand and new requirements, so you can seamlessly scale and shift bandwidth between services as needed. CXD reduces downtime during installation and change management with its web and API and web console driven configuration and deployment tools, removing the need for technicians to visit the data center to complete the work.

With CXD Cyxtera can help you reduce the complexity of your colocated IT infrastructure by providing an integrated data center platform that streamlines procurement, configuration, and management of your IT infrastructure.

How It Works

CXD utilizes a state-of-the-art software-defined network fabric to link customers and resources throughout the data center. This secure, high availability architecture assures each customer’s traffic is logically isolated and protected through the use of VXLAN protocol. Private virtual Layer 2 networks can be defined, provisioned, and configured through the CXD APIs or web console.

All CXD powered services are delivered over a Unified Services Port. Customers may elect to utilize the full port for a single service or stack multiple services