Fast, reliable Internet connectivity essential for your enterprise.

Your enterprise must be able to deploy and scale network and IT infrastructure faster in order to keep pace with changing business demands. Cyxtera offers a blended IP bandwidth service delivered over our On-demand Colocation platform, CXD. In addition, you can connect directly to one of many tier 1 IP backbone providers available in our Marketplace.

IP Transit/Peering


IP Connect is Cyxtera’s blended Internet bandwidth service providing connectivity to two or more tier 1 IP backbones. The service is delivered to Cyxtera data center customers over the Cyxtera On-demand Colocation platform, CXD. The CXD platform brings the power of point and click provisioning to IP solutions. Once connected to the CXD platform deploying a fast and reliable IP connection takes just minutes. IP Connect is available from 10Mbps up to 1 Gbps.

IP Connect includes:

  • Multi-homed connection
  • Leased IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks
  • Fixed and burstable bandwidth options
  • Bandwidth options from 10Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • 24/7 monitoring

For IP bandwidth needs greater than 1 Gbps, Cyxtera’s data centers offer cross connect access to multiple tier 1 IP backbone providers to facilitate IP transit and peering needs of high-bandwidth workloads. To explore providers available in your preferred market, visit the data center specifications pages for each facility available via our data center locations page.


As an IP Connect customer you will be provided with an IP address block. Additional addresses may be purchased if needed. If required, you may also provide your own registered IP address block.

IPv4 addresses:

  • /29 CIDR block (8 addresses, 3 usable) provided at no additional cost to each IP Connect customer
  • Additional blocks are available for an additional fee
  • IPv6 addresses:

    • /56 CIDR block provided at no additional cost to each IP Connect customer

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