Cross Connects

A world of capability, just a cross-connect away.

As a Cyxtera customer, you’re just a cross-connect away from a rich ecosystem of enterprises, cloud on-ramps, network, and IT service providers. We offer one of the most densely connected footprints in the industry, with global consistency for the secure network- and cloud-neutral interconnection model at the heart of each of our facilities.

How It Works

Ecosystem Connect

Customers utilize Cyxtera Ecosystem Connect to establish connections with providers and Cyxtera network products within our Meet-Me Room.

Ecosystem Connect supports all common media types to facilitate a wide range of customer connection requirements. Cyxtera has standardized the connector types for each media to streamline implementation of cross connects.

Supported Media TypesConnector Type
Single-mode Fiber (SMF) LC
OM4 Multi-mode Fiber (MMF) LC
CAT6 Copper (twisted pair) RJ45

Connections from customer colocation cabinets and cages to the Meet-Me Room are made via Ecosystem Connect cable bundles. These bundles are available in standard connection counts and serve as your on-ramp to all interconnection services. Customers are encouraged to order larger bundles to speed and facilitate future cross connect orders.

Available Ecosystem Connect bundle types and sizes

Number of Connections

Cross Connect

Cross connects are made through the Meet-Me Room, linking available Ecosystem Connect ports between the two connecting parties. Cross Connects are typically installed within two business days and are ordered and inventoried within the Customer Support Portal.

Other Cross Connect Options

Intra Customer Connect enables you to bypass the Cyxtera Meet Me Room to connect non-contiguous spaces in your Cyxtera colocation data center directly.

Riser Connect enables connections between Cyxtera and non-Cyxtera data centers and interconnection points within the same multi-tenant building.

Metro Connect provides connections to all Cyxtera locations, major carrier hotels, and interconnect points within a metro area.

Exchange Port enables you to provision Cyxtera blended IP bandwidth, Metro Connect and dedicated compute infrastructure from the Cyxtera Portal.

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