Cyxtera expands PacketFabric offering to additional data center markets

Chris Williams • August 25, 2022 • 3 minute read

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We’re happy to announce that PacketFabric has expanded their market presence with Cyxtera, adding two more points of presence in New Jersey (EWR) and Northern Virginia (IAD). Cyxtera now offers PacketFabric in five markets including Chicago (ORD), Phoenix (PHX), Los Angeles (LAX), EWR and IAD. The expansion reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional connectivity options, enabling customers to reach their end-users through low latency and the freedom of not being beholden to other data center providers.

New Jersey state of mind

Cyxtera’s New Jersey (EWR) facilities offer the proximity to major exchanges without the costs associated with co-locating in downtown Manhattan. Over the last several years we’ve watched companies migrate some (or all) of their data center footprint to New Jersey, discovering the benefits of greater flexibility and lower-priced options as they build their hybrid IT strategy. With Cyxtera’s innovative, on-demand solutions, organizations are able to take advantage of more than just space and power — customers can grow with us as their infrastructure needs evolve.

Serving a customer community of over 300, customers in EWR have access to low latency direct connectivity to AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, SalesForce, Alibaba, SAP, and Nutanix, the Cyxtera Marketplace, and our 24/7 Remote Gold Support services managed by IT Infrastructure professionals, who stand ready to handle customers’ everyday on-site maintenance requests.

Northern Virginia is the new District

Organizations in need of compute are flocking to the Dulles Tech Corridor, due to a winning combination of a dense fiber network, tax incentives, and low utility rates. Highly-connected data centers in the heart of the Dulles Technology Corridor, Cyxtera’s Northern Virginia (IAD) data centers are designed to meet strict networking and IT security demands of enterprise, government, and financial institutions. The IAD facilities are also ISO certified, HIPAA aligned, FedRAMP ready, and at Level III Ballistic Protection.

Serving over 380 government departments, financial services firms, and other large enterprises, the IAD facilities provide network diverse connectivity, diverse ultra-low latency cloud-on ramps, rigorous critical systems infrastructure, and multi-tier security. And like EWR, IAD customers enjoy access to the Cyxtera Marketplace and 24/7 Remote Gold Support services.

PacketFabric in Cyxtera’s Ecosystem

We previously announced that we added PacketFabric to the Cyxtera Ecosystem Partner Program to offer their on-demand, subscription-based Connectivity Cloud to customers, enabling faster implementation, multi-cloud routing, and private point-to-point connectivity. PacketFabric is committed to providing worldwide connectivity with ease and offers 1G, 10G, and even 100G port bandwidth and any-to-any connections across their network from 50 Mbps up in a highly resilient availability model, all via a user-friendly web portal or through programmable API automation.

"PacketFabric is excited to elevate the partnership to the next level by this recent expansion into two more critical Cyxtera locations - NY/NJ and Washington DC/Northern VA. Demand for hybrid cloud services by enterprises of all types in these cities continues to increase on a rapid pace and we're here to support it at scale." - Nelson Frye, Director Business Development, PacketFabric

Adding PacketFabric’s Connectivity Cloud allows enterprises across all industries, educational institutions, and government agencies to consume secure, reliable, high-performance network connections across North America and Europe. The PacketFabric Cloud Router services deliver instant provisioning, on-demand programmability, dynamic routing with BGP, with speeds up to 100Gbps over a 65+ Tbps global network. It offers a fully distributed edge-based service delivered over a carrier-grade backbone, providing highly available connectivity into AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, and of course the Cyxtera Digital Exchange.

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Chris Williams Director of Strategic Alliances

Chris Williams

Director of Strategic Alliances