Cyxtera Continues to extend Megaport Connectivity: Now available in Boston

Cyxtera Technologies • July 09, 2019 • 2 minute read

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Cyxtera Boston data center campus now offers Megaport dedicated connections to cloud service providers. Cyxtera is constantly evolving with its data center customers. Our customers’ appetite for bandwidth continues to exponentially grow. To fuel this appetite, Cyxtera has increased its carrier density across the board to more than 110 unique carriers, and more than 10 carriers per data.

As more customers move to the edge, Cyxtera’s purpose and importance grows. Our data center customers own a mix of data center services, on-premises environments, and public cloud deployments. We are also seeing HCI and local storage compute grow within our data centers. Connectivity for all of these deployments is essential. Cyxtera has a perfect blend of dark fiber, local exchange carriers, cable providers, competitive local exchange carriers, IP transit backbone providers, and cloud on-ramps to meet the needs of our clients.

Megaport added to Cyxtera for dedicated connections to cloud

Cyxtera has partnered with industry-leading cloud on-ramp providers in our data centers to provide low latency, high reliability services via layer 1 OWS or secure Layer 2 VLAN’s and fulfill immediate provisioning needs of our clients.

Megaport, the global leading provider of Elastic Interconnection services, is now available in several of our key strategic markets. Megaport does a very good job in providing dedicated connections to cloud service providers, bypassing other congested cloud exchanges.

Using Software Defined Networking (SDN), the Company’s global platform enables customers to rapidly connect their network to other services across the Megaport Network. Services can be directly controlled by customers via mobile devices, their computer, or our open API.

Already available in eight locations including (DC, Dallas, London, Phoenix Denver, Silicon Valley, LA and NY/NJ), Megaport connectivity has recently been added to the following Cyxtera data centers:

  • Orange County (OC2)
  • Denver (DN1)
  • New Jersey (NJ2)
  • Santa Clara (SC8)
  • Tampa (TP1)
  • Boston (BOS1)
  • Atlanta (ATL1)
  • Toronto (YYZ1)
  • San Francisco (SFO1) – coming soon

Learn more about Megaport at the Cyxtera Marketplace.

This blog originally posted in October 2018 and was updated in June 2019 to reflect new sites.

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