Future Proofing in Phoenix

Marcie Kaplan • June 14, 2021 • 3 minute read

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Whether it’s back-up, redundancy, or simply a desire to expand, PHX2 fits the bill

Students at the University of Farmers Insurance might see some surprising things in the Hall of Claims, but it’s nothing their instructor hasn’t seen before — as their tagline says, “We know a thing or two, cause we’ve seen a thing or two.”

IT pros are no different, and when it comes to securing a company’s data, just like Farmers Insurance’s Prof. Burke, planning for disaster and disaster recovery is par for the course. There’s simply no such thing as being over prepared when you’re protecting your company’s most valuable assets.

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Whether it’s back-up, redundancy, or simply a desire to expand your data center operations, enterprises need to examine every angle, and our new Phoenix data center (PHX2), situated in Arizona State Research Park, fits the bill. From a numbers’ standpoint, not only are Arizona data centers statistically at lower risk of experiencing a natural disaster than in nearby California, but thanks to the state’s lower power costs, it’s an even more attractive option. And, given that it’s just a short, 12-mile drive from our PHX1 facility and less than 20 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and downtown Phoenix, the convenience factor can’t be overlooked.

With 145,000 square-feet of raised floor space and access to 31.8 megawatts of utility and 40.8 megawatts of generator power, it’s no wonder that PHX2 is home to a growing community of nearly 100 leading financial services companies, Everything-as-a-Service providers, government agencies, and other large enterprises.

Future proofing involves more than just anticipating the future and any bumps along the way, but also devising a strategy to overcome them and push on. With growing numbers of companies moving their sensitive assets to the cloud, they are finding that future proofing is easier said than done without the proper infrastructure in place — and that never comes cheap.

To increase agility and reduce costs while still maintaining control, enterprises need a future-ready data center partner, all of which can be achieved through our Digital Exchange platform, which offers Enterprise Bare Metal and our landmark, DGX-based compute-as-a-service solution:

  • Our Enterprise Bare Metal offering provides customers with enterprise-class infrastructure so they can support both apps and private clouds without being tethered to large CapEx outlays, long implementation cycles, and depreciating assets, not to mention the cost of additional data center staff.
  • We raised the bar when we became the first global data center operator to deliver access to subscription-based NVIDIA DGX™ A100 systems. Our AI/ML as a Service offering gives our partners a new standard when it comes to managing AI workloads, meaning they can scale faster and be in a better position to meet rising consumer expectations and ultimately, gain a competitive edge.

Both offerings allow companies to pick and choose the best combination for their business needs today, while looking to future demands and growth. Take ISG, a leading global technology research and advisory firm. They realized that by partnering with us to layer their managed services on top of DGX, they could take full advantage of cloud’s capabilities and save money at the same time.

As Jaymi Kendall, Principal Consultant, ISG, explains: “In today’s competitive landscape, enterprises need IT solutions that enable them to scale their business as demand requires it. Our partnership with Cyxtera offers customers a full OpEx solution with point-click infrastructure and interconnection provisioning. These capabilities help solve the critical IT challenges that inhibit their digital transformation growth."

For more information on our Phoenix data centers, please visit: https://www.cyxtera.com/phoenix-data-centers

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Future Proofing in Phoenix

Cyxtera’s Phoenix data centers offer innovative solutions that enable enterprises and service provider customers to choose the best combination for their business needs today, while looking to future demands and growth.

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Marcie Kaplan Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing

Marcie Kaplan

Sr Director, GTM & Strategic Programs Marketing