Welcome to the Cyxtera Marketplace

Cyxtera Technologies • June 20, 2018 • 2 minute read

Hybrid IT, Connectivity, Marketplace in Data Centers

We are excited today to announce the release of an enhanced Cyxtera Marketplace, an online community facilitating relationships and accelerating solutions. The Marketplace enables Cyxtera’s 3,500 customers to quickly and easily find and connect with service providers and potential business partners within the Cyxtera data center ecosystem.

Enterprises can identify services offered in all the 50+ Cyxtera data centers with a software-powered web tool enabling dynamic filtering by service type and data center location. Service providers can use the Marketplace to promote solutions available at each data center location. The combination connects buyers to sellers at the nexus of modern IT – the data center.

The Marketplace provides another opportunity for customers to connect with a diverse marketplace of network carriers, leading cloud providers and XaaS players to help build their hybrid IT infrastructure. Inaugural members of the Cyxtera Marketplace include major industry leaders including Rackspace, Microsoft, CenturyLink, Deutsche Telekom, and Zayo. It also includes fast growing providers like Zadara and Megaport. We anticipate that our marketplace community will continue to expand to include all of the over 110 network service providers available in our data centers as well as the many IT and business service providers. If you are a part of the Cyxtera data center ecosystem and provide services to enterprises, I encourage you to join the marketplace and let Cyxtera help you connect with more customers. To join the Marketplace, simply complete the inquiry form or contact your Cyxtera sales representative.

Carrier and Cloud Neutral Colocation and Interconnection

Cyxtera data centers offer customers access to 100+ network service providers and direct connections to leading cloud service providers. Providing an IT venue that is both carrier and cloud provider neutral enables enterprises to construct the hybrid IT environment that is right for their organization. The Cyxtera Marketplace is another way we help organizations design and deploy the secure infrastructure they need to support their modern enterprise.

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